Cantando para a Onça

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Duration: 15:15
I. Floresta (Forest) 5:15
II. Construindo (Building) 6:02
III. Cavalo (Horse) 3:53

Instrumentation: clarinet, 2 percussion, piano

clarinet (bass) with prepared bass drum; Percussion I : 2 mini maracas, caxixi, 4 wood blocks, bass drum, gong, 4 tom-toms, marimba; Percussion II: caxixi, D.W. clackers, thunder tube, water tam-tam, 2 slit drums, triangle, agogos, wood block, vibraslap, congas, bass (kick) drum, vibraphone; piano (includes preparations)

Cantando para a Onça, “Singing for Jaguar”, is a three-movement work that was written for my nephew Pedro, who is Brazilian, based on a story I also wrote for him. The composition evokes the story dramatically and situationally, but is not intended to accompany it. Ideally the story is read aloud prior to performance. I utilized over 20 different percussion instruments in the work, layering them in unique patterns and interplay between the two percussionists. The bass clarinet is also connected to a percussion instrument in the first movement, Floresta. I used a technique that I developed in a set of pieces called HOUSE OF MIRRORS, where resonators are created by stimulating various instruments with modified speakers and amplifiers. The result is a raucous booming sound when certain pitches are produced. As it relates to the story, this sound evokes the "loud, booming sounds" associated with the Green Anaconda. Cantando para a Onça is a sonic adventure through the Amazon rainforest. Enjoy the ride!

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