Kuiper Belt Wamfle

Copyright: 2008 Ann Millikan. All Rights Reserved.
Duration: 2:30

Instrumentation: Bb soprano saxophone, 2 percussion (cymbal, marimba; snare drum), piano

Kuiper Belt Wamfle, was commissioned by Zeitgeist in celebration of their 30th Anniversary. Myself and 29 other Minnesota composers were tasked with writing short works that lasted no more than 150 seconds, paralleling the 150th Anniversary of the state. I chose to write something playful, even a little strange.

Wamfle: to walk around in flapping clothes

Kuiper Belt: (pronounced KY-per) a ring of small astronomical objects orbiting the outer solar system, beyond the farthest planets, Neptune and Pluto. It is believed that the Kuiper belt is a source of comets.

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Available on Innova 799, Zeitgeist, Here & Now
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