Red Migration

Copyright: 2005 Ann Millikan. All Rights Reserved.
Duration: 8:00
Note: also available for full orchestra

Instrumentation: flute (piccolo), clarinet, percussion (vibraphone, tom-toms, sleigh bells, crash cymbal), piano, violin, cello

Red Migration tells the story of my sudden, disorienting, and ultimately joyous move to Minnesota (and my red studio) from California in 2004. The composition is sectional in nature, given this was the story of my move to MN. I wrote it with an intentionally linear course, beginning in one place, ending in another completely, while creating an evolution in the process, with specific points of connection both motivically and orchestrationally. From its explosive beginning (I had to pack quickly!), the piece travels through long melodic contours and rhythmic layering, to an ending that both soars off and arrives home at the same time.
SDPC 200 01 Score $18
SDPC 200 02 Parts $25
Available on Innova 663, California EAR Unit
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