Three Reflections

Copyright: 1999 Ann Millikan. All Rights Reserved.
Duration: 5:30

Instrumentation: alto flute, bass clarinet, vibraphone, piano, violin, cello

Three Reflections is essentially a mini-violin concerto, written for my first year in the EAR Unit Composer Residency, in Arcosanti, AZ. The violin line (which is restricted to 10 pitches) contains all of the melodic and expressive material, while the rest of the ensemble creates a slow-moving texture and sound world surrounding it. The alto flute, bass clarinet and cello function as a trio, while the vibraphone and piano both act independently. This type of layering comes from the great influence Morton Feldman has had on my music. In 1990, I recorded Feldman’s Rothko Chapel with the UC Berkeley Chamber Chorus (New Albion). This was a pivotal experience that drew me into contemporary classical composition, and a long-standing affinity with Feldman's music. In my last year at CalArts I requested an independent study with Stephen "Lucky" Mosko on the music of Morton Feldman. Lucky had worked personally with Feldman, conducting many of his pieces, and was a brilliant teacher. I eagerly pored over scores with him, especially For Samuel Beckett. I will never forget his generosity and the gift of these illuminating sessions. I would like to dedicate Three Reflections in honor and memory of Lucky Mosko and his wife Dorothy Stone (former Artistic Director, California EAR Unit).

SDPC 060 01 Score $15
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Available on Innova 663, California EAR Unit
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