Trens Coloridos para Gabriela

Copyright: 2000 Ann Millikan. All Rights Reserved.
Duration: 8:40
Instrumentation: flute (piccolo, alto), clarinet (bass, water pot), percussion (drum set, roto-toms, metal bowls), piano (incl. preparations; egg shaker, harmonica opt.), violin (triangle), cello (bongos)
Trens Coloridos Para Gabriela, “Colored Trains for Gabriela," is dedicated to my niece Gabriela who lives in Brazil. The piece was originally inspired by the sonic experience of traveling on trains in Europe. One always hears the constant rhythm of the train moving over the tracks, but as it comes in and out of tunnels and passes different resonant surfaces, sudden changes in color and volume occur in the sound. This spirited and rhythmically driving composition incorporates these ideas, shifting between Bebop, layers of Brazilian and African rhythms, and even a couple of melodies reminiscent of Brazilian songwriter Milton Nascimento. Written for my second year in the EAR Unit Composer Residency at Arcosanti, this piece requires unconventional doubling by the performers, including one section where the entire ensemble plays percussion.
SDPC 070 01 Score $18
SDPC 070 02 Parts $25
Available on Innova 663, California EAR Unit
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