grandmother walks, mist rises, grandmother stands

Music Copyright 2006 Ann Millikan. All Rights Reserved.
Text Copyright 2005 Marcie R. Rendon. All Rights Reserved.
Duration: 6:00

Instrumentation: SSAATTBB choir

grandmother walks, mist rises, grandmother stands is a setting of 3 poems by Marcie Rendon. Bold and spirited, the piece features a huge, lush 8-part sound, and layers of multiple songs. Each voice part becomes another color in a vibrant weaving that challenges the singer with specific vocal techniques and uses of the breath. Most effective with a very large choir, this celebratory piece is a rhythmic and powerful welcoming.

Poet's Dedication

"The ancestors that walk with us, sing us our song. When we get quiet enough, we can hear them sing and make them audible to people today. This is an Anishinabe song for the new millennium. We still exist. Our ancestors exist. Our songs exist."

Marcie Rendon is a poet, mother, grandmother, and enrolled member of the White Earth Anishinabe Nation.

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