Song of Remembrance

Copyright 2002 Ann Millikan. All Rights Reserved.
Text: Ann Millikan
Duration: 8:00

Instrumentation: SSAA women's choir; optional solo

Awarded Highest Honors: Waging Peace Through Singing 2002

Song of Remembrance is a modal composition, to be sung in the style of chant: non-vibrato, with a rubato driven by the text. Much of the piece is monophonic, with highly expressive melismatic lines, and may be sung either as a solo or in unison by the full women’s choir. The work ends with a very dramatic 3 and 4-part divisi section. I wrote the text based on a dream that I had. The character’s evocative story is one of loss and devastation. My intention for the piece is that it truly be a song of remembrance for people everywhere who have suffered such losses due to war and exploitation. Premiered by the Oregon Repertory Singers during the Oregon Bach Festival, July 1, 2002.
SDPC 140 01 $9/copy
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