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Duration: Improvisation – average 30:00

Instrumentation: mixed ensemble, live electronics

House of Mirrors focuses on the internal experience of the performer. Thought, kinesthetic awareness, and the inner ear all play an integral part in the development and performance of the piece. The object is to create a realm where the performer is surrounded by sound and stimulus both internally and externally. Various materials are given to stimulate improvisation: the score, resonant surfaces which are excited by using modified speakers, and “sound boxes” that are manipulated with the feet. House of Mirrors opens up an exciting new form of theater, where the improviser can enter into another world and take on a character. Each House of Mirrors composition uses the same principles and equipment but has its own specific score and vocabulary for improvisation.
Note: Ensemble score incorporates I-VII, please inquire for more information.
SDPC 390 01 Score/part, instructions $15
Equipment rental: contact Ann Millikan
Performance of HOUSE OF MIRRORS VIII: Ensemble
HOUSE OF MIRRORS is an ongoing project
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