The Color of Blood: Praising the Moon We Are, Part I

Copyright: 2001 Ann Millikan. All Rights Reserved.
Text: Opal Palmer Adisa
Duration: 7:40

Instrumentation: SSAA women’s choir, narrator, West African percussion: 2 djembes, 2 kidis, 1 kloboto, bell; and dancers

The Color of Blood: Praising The Moon We Are, Part 1 includes a lively polyrhythmic processional dance written for West African percussion, and a poem set for a cappella women’s choir – I Woman, by Opal Palmer Adisa. (See Choral Music listing for complete description). Part 1 was premiered with traditional choreography by Yeko Ladzekpo-Cole accompanied by Guineafia, and a women’s choir with Opal Palmer Adisa, as narrator.

SDPC 110 01 Score $12
SDPC 110 02 Parts $10 (choral parts separate, see I Woman)
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