The Medicine of the Spiral II: Quartet Improvisations

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Duration: Improvisation – average 12:00

Instrumentation: voice (or flute; reed; double reed), percussion (non-pitched), piano (or pitched percussion), double bass (or cello; tympani)

The Medicine of the Spiral II: Quartet Improvisations is a structured ensemble improvisation based upon an interdisciplinary performance work, The Medicine of the Spiral. (See Theater & Dance listing for complete description). This piece combines the sections where each dancer is struggling internally with the material, accompanied by a soloist who improvises to their movement. Written in graphic notation, each instrument in the quartet is assigned a direction and all of the attributes pertaining to it, as well as specific instructions for musical gesture, dynamics, and range, within an expanding and contracting time structure. The piece was written for Joan La Barbara during her residency at Cal Arts, and was premiered March 12, 1998 with percussion trio: John Bergamo, hand drums; Gustavo Aguilar, metal percussion; Roman Cho, tympani.

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