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Duration: 13:20

Instrumentation: solo bass clarinet

Dendrite, I am deeply honored to have received a commission from clarinetist Pat O’Keefe – a player whose technical mastery and generosity of spirit are equal – and to be a part of this fantastic project. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with Pat in many different musical situations. With Dendrite I composed a piece that leans toward the subtler sounds he is capable of on the bass clarinet, along with a good dose of the punchiness.
Dendrite, derived from the Greek word dendron, meaning “tree”, refers to the branching phenomenon that occurs in the formation of ice crystals as they fall through the air and the electrochemical processes of neurons.
Water molecules have a hexagonal structure as do snow crystals, which form when water vapor condenses directly into ice. A speck of dust is the singular form that ice crystals and air pockets form around to create snow.
Self-similar fractal patterns are a natural attribute of ice crystal growth. They develop as branching protrudes from each corner of the hexagonal prism, creating complex treelike patterns. In contrast to rapid-fire transmissions via branched projections of neurons they grow very slowly. These are the ideas I explored in the composition.
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