Suite for Woodwind Quartet

Copyright: 1998 Ann Millikan. All Rights Reserved.
Duration: 6:00

Instrumentation: alto flute, English horn, Bb clarinet, bassoon

Suite for Woodwind Quartet is written in five short movements, each having its own distinct characteristic. Rather than developing ideas over time, my focus was on being very succinct. Like painting with only primary colors on a canvas, each musical event was allowed to stand on its own. Coloristic effects and melodic fragments of Movement I allude to themes of Mov’t II and III, which is richly melodic. Mov’t IV is extremely quiet and sustained, while Mov’t V is animated and rhythmic. My last composition lesson with Mel Powell was on the morning of his 75th birthday. We spent the hour discussing ways I might approach writing this piece. Unfortunately he did not live to see or hear the finished product. I dedicate this piece to him, with deep gratitude for someone who embodied the true meaning of mentoring.
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